Right Eats

Pizza Pizazz - The ultimate Pizza accompaniment!  This organic product was inspired by my family, which includes a lot of kids!   As much as we limit the amount of pizzas the little ones consume, we cannot stop them. (and some adults as well), from eating  pizza at least once a week.  

Nothing wrong with pizza, but watching  these kids consume pizza week after week or sometimes more with such gusto while I agonized thinking how I can make this food healthier for them got to be too much!  So, one day, I went to my kitchen and put together a concoction of not only the typical pizza seasonings, but a mix of dried veggies that I dehydrated in the oven, straight from my backyard garden; crushed them and mixed them all together with the rest of the popular ingredients. 

Everybody loved the result!  Finally, one bottle that contains everything they always like in their pizza, plus some important nutrients.  There's nothing like our product in the market, if it's even out there  that's exactly like ours.  We grow, harvest, prepare, cook, and pack our own ingredients!


toasted garlic, toasted onions, oregano, basil, parsley, sweet bell peppers, garlic salt, dried mushrooms, spices