Right Eats

                                                                  Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the turnaround time for order?

We make all of our products fresh.   Because of this, we require up to 3 to weeks, sometimes 4,  which includes shipping time.  Historically,2  1/2 weeks comes closer to our record.  But it is well-worth the wait. 

2. What are your Shipping Policies?

Please read our Shipping Policies before making a purchase.  It's in the Drop Down Menu under Contacts.

3. What if I don't like what I purchased?

We do not issue refunds, returns, or exchanges for our food items. 

 4. Are your kinds of foods just for adults?

Absolutely not!  Our food products are for everybody who wants to be healthy.  In some cases, if you're suffering from an ailment, you might want to consult with your doctors first as some of our ingredients might be new for some people.  

5. Where do you get your information from?

Most of what we publish are taken from on-line and off-line research.  We don't claim them as our own materials.  We simply desseminate information that we derive from different sources that are relevant to our business.  My partner also works in the medical field which helps a lot. 

6.Do you use 'organic' ingredients all the time?

Almost 99% of our ingredients are organic, but not USDA organic certified in some instances, only because  sometimes our local farmers do not always sell USDA organic produce, but only sell organic fruits and vegetables.   We do a lot of home gardening as well , the organic way.   

7. Do you make your own recipes?

For the most part, we do.  We operated a full service restaurant in the 90s where we made our own recipes.  Some recipes we borrow and credit the authors when the info is available.

8. Do you give samples of your products?

We do when bulk or volume purchasing is involved. 

9. Do you accept custom orders for weddings, corporate gifts or other occasions?

We do; as a matter of fact, we got back gradually on this food on-line business because of my other half's health problems and the other reason being requests from family and friends for custom food products, that they use for wedding and shower favors like  jams, jellies, pickles, candies, cookies, and other treats.   

10. Do you ship internationally?

We do, but our packing and shipping, because most of the items are fragile, will cost a little more than ordinary non-fragile shipping.