Right Eats

My partner, who was in his early fifties then was suffering from Type II diabetes,  high blood pressure, and obesity.  He was under medication and under doctor's care  but his condition didn't seem to improve.  He had been working as a nurse on  the third shift from 11pm to 7 am, which didn't help.  Sometime in 2011, it was clear he had to address his health condition more seriously.  The physical and mental hardships continued to escalate, which caused pain and conflict in his daily routine.

The first thing he did was to quit his job.  Done!  For the first four or so weeks, he tried to maintain a normal schedule and went to bed early trying to recover those precious forfeited night sleep.  He found out that wasn't that easy to do, but he slowly got used to it.  We knew though that this was just one part of the equation.  The bigger challenges lie ahead, which would require more than just getting a good night's sleep. 

And so we ventured out and started to do extensive research both on- line and offline to figure out the right things to do.   We studied many different diets and exercise programs in the market.  This process took many months.  To our amazement, each and every road we took in this exploration led us to the world of super foods and antioxidants. 

So, with great enthusiasm and plenty of time in our hands,  we developed a plan of action.    We made a Super List of all the super foods and antioxidants that would be good for his condition.  With this List, off we went to nearby farms, farmers markets, health food stores, ethnic grocery stores, and other specialty stores to get them. 

He started working on the health drinks first, since he was always thirsty, being a diabetic. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the task wasn't that difficult after all.  We simply made changes to our favorite recipes using the List; substituting ingredients, omitting or adding some; and sometimes discarding entire recipes and coming up with new ones.  Each week, both of us felt better physically and mentally.  As for him, he was like a new man eating a lot of different foods that he was actually enjoying! 

The rest is history.  After close to a year, he achieved his ideal weight; his blood sugar level was back to normal; his blood pressure went down and was fully under control.  He has a regular exercise routine, and as he says he has  'tons of energy! 

What is ultimately the most important element to good health as we discovered, is a dietary pattern that includes all the super foods along with a wide variety of other nutritious food and regular physical activity.   With our website, we hope to provide you with the latest information on being healthy.  We will update it as often as necessary .  Take a look at the highest rated super foods for 2015.  


1. Fermented Foods - The craze around fermented foods continues to grow as compelling science surfaces supporting the role of the microbiome in immune function and overall health.  From kimchee to kefir, do-it-yourself fermenting and the praise for pro-biotic foods will not be going anyway anytime soon.

2. Beans - Rich in protein, fiber, and nutrients, beans will take precedence on the plate this year as they eliminate refined carbohydrate choices.

3. Bone Broth - A traditional broth made from marrow bones and spices has become all the rage in holistic health circles.  Bone broth has been noted for its support of bone health, plus its detoxifying anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting qualities.  Low calorie stock is rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous.

4. Ancient and local grains -We use teff, flax seeds,  and millet in our peanut butters and other recipes.  Although quinoa remains strong on the list, other new grains are populating this category faster than we can make recipes for them!  Freekah is another new grain causingsome stir right now.    Kaniwa is simply baby quinoa.  

5. Matcha - Green tea leaves are ground into a powder that you simply whisk into warm water.  The frothy, creamy tea produces a drink that is rich in flavor and brimming with nutrients. 

6. Non-Wheat Flours - Alternative flours like almond, hazelnut, coconut, chickpea, fava bean and more have been saturating the market.  This is in line with the gluten-free diet craze.

7. Smoked Foods - From smoked meats to smoked spices, this trend is on the rise. 

8. Coconut Sugar - the newest of the natural sweeteners on the market, coconut sugar is derived from the coconut flower and has a naturally sweet flavor.  With trace minerals and a lower glycemic index than refined sugars, coconut sugar is considered a healthier option .

9. Ugly vegetables - It's the year of the malformed, unsightly veggie as they are high in nutrient density; hence watch out for veggies like kohlrabi, celeriac, sunchokes, and rutabaga to become mainstream.

10.  Kalettes - What do you get when you combine kale and brussel sprouts?  Kalettes, of course.  This newbie to the produce aisle is bursting with cruciferous  veggie antioxidant, detoxifying and anti-cancer  powers. 

Top Ten Superfoods for 2015