Right Eats


We accept Visa and Mastercard and Paypal. 


Domestic Shipments

 You will receive your order 2 to 4 weeks after placement.  We make all our products fresh so that you may fully enjoy their taste and health benefits.

International Shipments

Please call us for international shipping to receive a shipping estimate.  Additional fees will apply.

Damaged Goods

We pack and ship our items the safest way possible that  we haven't yet any returns of damaged goods.  If your order comes to you damaged, please let us know and we will replace them.  You will, however pay for the shipping cos to ship items back to you.   We will not replace items costing more than $25.00.  

Most of our products are organic while others may not be but nevertheless of premium quality.  As such, the cost of our goods is high.  Because of this, we have developed the safest way to pack and ship them and we have 3 quality control persons who oversee this process. 


We do not issue any refund or credits,  just store exchanges when they apply. 

Custom Orders

we accept custom orders for weddings, fund raisers, and other special events, occasions, aor causes.  We give a 5% discount for orders totaling $250.00, and 10% discount for orders totaling.   No further discounts available.  We do not extend the 10% discount over $500.00 for additional orders for one customer.